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Welcome to the Bear Cave System
Over many years on the internet the "Ole Pabear" has created one of the most interesting interlocked private web sites out there, and ABSOLUTELY FAMILY SAFE.
We call the system interactive because every animation has been sent by someone for us to use and as their special part in creating THE BEAR CAVE SYSTEM OF INTERACTIVE CAVES.
Every search engine recognizes us!
And in fact!  IN EVERY GO BAR.....
Simply type in:                                               pabear48

Because every GO BAR in every browser KNOWS   pabear48
We are not bragging about this accomplishment.
Simply because of over 13 years of building and creating the
Bear Cave System of Interactive Caves as the internet developed and search engines started to troll the internet:
WAS THERE...............Simple as that!
And remember when you are within the system:
It is said: " If you start searching the Caves at 6am and continue searching them: " You might see them all by next morning around 11 am" ??
We use large text for the Vision impaired.
Annlee is also vision impaired.
We are not shouting!  Thank you...Annlee

The Bear Cave System of Interactive Caves grows and evolves.  We use many animations for fun and enjoyment although some reviewers apparently do not like them, nor do they like how we use links and tabs. Our links and tabs were created to make a bit of unknown surfing become a part of playing and learning within the Bear Cave System. This was done on purpose by us. It is the interactive baseline. It is interactive in that every animation was chosen by a visitor who became a friend and requested we use it for them within the Bear Cave System.

 Therefore, we do not do as others would have us do..rather we DO AS WE DESIRE TO DO.

Making the Bear Cave System totally independant from all other forms of web sites, and this drives the reviewers wild. We built for you...and not for reviews.

SO TO THOSE DISTASTEFULL REVIEWS..( actually only one )( Just ONE in over 13 years of being on the Internet ).
WE SAY!  May God Bless you!  Unlike you as a declared atheist..
If our caves drive you wild...WE ASK WHY DO YOU KEEP COMING BACK?
Perhaps, your soul thirsts for Living Waters? Whatever it is...Yes, you reviewers are always welcome to explore and then go write your four letter word reviews (sic). We will always pray for you ! 

Pabear added this simply because that "ONE REVIEW" exists and we acknowledge their right of Freedom of Expression.

The Bear Cave System of Interactive Caves is FAMILY SAFE!

And, YES: We are proud of that!


A writing by Robert William Vincent ( aka pabear48 ) in Hray-Mah Series

The story time: Now ? THE TIME:  Today ?   THE CALLER:  Jesus Christ
                                        THE MAN: A shepard being called:
                                        NUMBER BEING CALLED:  Only the Father knows?

It was a bright sunfilled day. Sunshine dribbling as shimmering waves upon the leaves. The man was sitting behind his great white oak desk hurridly scratching out his next great project of building and erection in the Lord's Name.  While so occupied, the man hastely took notes as three young men on the ministry were each explaining the known tasks of the day.
The phone rang.  The man reached quickly for his phone and pressed the seventh button which was flashing red bleeps indicating an active call coming in: 

The man said, " Hello, this is the ( MAN ),
May I help you today?"....

The caller, whom was Jesus said, " Yes, My friend. This is your Lord. May I talk with you?
 Man:  Well if you have an appointment..Oh but, I see you do not..Well if you give me time between my sixth and ninth apppointment today? I just might be able to fit you in for five minutes of my precious time so you may explain what you want. You know how busy I am Lord doing your work and tending the flocks and building the churchs.
Jesus: My friend. Hear My voice. I wish to speak to you right now.
Man:  Well let me check and see if I can jockey my busy schedule forward to make room for you Lord. After all it's so important I keep building for the Lord's Work.
Jesus: Why cannot you hear?
MAN: These darn new computer generated phone systems are nothing but a problem Lord. Its the newest system the WORLD had to offer and was available, and it cost us over ten million to have it installed this month. It probably has a couple of bugs in it yet. But.......
Jesus: Have you thought about me today?
MAN: Lord! You are all I ever think about. I do everything I hear you tell me to do. Why, we dedicated five new buildings just this year to you Lord..Uh! Excuse me for a second will ya Lord?
 MAN to one of the young men in the room around the great white oak cluttered desk all covered with pages of quickly scribbled scriptures and notes. " Say Harry, Make sure the cameras are set up for that crusade sermon tonight. I think! I am receiving a message from Jesus, and I want to be sure to share it with the whole WORLD on the main bradcast tonight. Make it offer number one-forty-nine.

MAN: Back to the phone: Sorry about that Lord. But I have allot of things going on right now. With the sermons and prayer groups, and the new cooking with Christ classes, and even the religious item home teaching bible tapes and our outreach ministry. Sometimes, it is really confusing.
Now what did you say Lord?
Jesus: Have you prayed to me To-Day?
MAN:  Lord! I am in continual prayer. Why every paying member of this ministry can swear to it on a stack of bibles without flinching. They can tell you..They all know I am praying continually. They know I have a work load which is so hard for me to bare. Why! Last week alone they can tell you Lord..I received over ten thousand hurting letters requesting prayers alone. Each one asking me for help and advice Lord. What more can they ask me to do? My ministry is under constant attack all the time. Everyone wants to be paid. I have lots of bills and good honest obligations which must be met or they will take me off the air. And....
Jesus: Have you been feeding My Sheep?
MAN: Yes Lord! Just last month we fed over one hundred thousand and distributed twenty tons of bread and rice. And, we sent ( the MAN was interruppted by the second young man in the room standing next to the great white oak desk all cluttered): Uh! Excuse me for a second Lord as someone needs a question answered, and only I can answer them.  MAN to the second young man in the room: "Thomas, make sure the cameras from the news media are here tonight for the ribbon cutting ceromony. They promised full six o'clock prime coverage right on the evening news program as we dedicate this sixty-sixth wing addition to my ministry. And, remember to have all my satellites carry the gosple of mine to the WORLD from this new wing building. It is a most glorious event and should bring in many pledges and seeds. "Uh! Sorry about that interruption again Lord. But, you know how important it is that we get my message about the gosple to the WORLD. And, the Gosple shall be preached to the.................
Jesus: What is the Gosple My Friend?
MAN: Lord you know! I do not have to tell you Lord. It is my job just to tell the shepp led to slaughter about the gosple. You know! The message about all your blessings for servitude to this ministry. You know what I mean Lord.
Jesus: My Friend. Do you know what you mean?
MAN: Well of course I know. That's a silly question. I know after all I have been anointed by God to tell the message to the WORLD. It pains me deeply Lord that you apparently know very little about God's message to me!
Jesus: My friend. I have no doubt what messsage you have heard.
 MAN: "WELL praise the Lord...Yes.....( THE PHONE CALL WAS CUT OFF BY THE CALLER: BUT, THE MAN KNEW IT NOT ) the MAN continued rattling into the phone..............
"YES! Praise the Lord. I will proclaim tonight I heard from you Lord on the perfectness of this most perfect ministry to all the sheep led to slaughter. And, SAY LORD! Could you call me back at about seven ten tonight. I promise I will air your call live to the WORLD as my programs is being telecast. What do you say about that Lord?

                     MAN: Lord! Are you still there Lord?
                     SILENCE ON THE LINE:
                     MAN: Hello Lord?
                     SILENCE ON THE LINE
                     MAN: Lord?

MAN to the third young man standing next to the big white oak desk all cluttered.
" Judas, Lets announce it this way tonight about the call from Jesus.....



Surely, we have been blessed by the Lord, and most clearly by all of you.

For the Bear's Cave System of Interactive Caves has become one of  the hottest individual web sites created.

Certainly, you are the wonderment to our
success and we are so very thankful unto you, and unto our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

No greater gift can one individual give unto another: Than the gift of time acknowleding that they are special and have meaning unto their life. This is how we feel about each and everyone of you that has visited the Bears Cave System of Interactive Caves.

By word of mouth sharing..
By those whom have visited the Bear Caves are growing every day.

By your involvement and taking the precious time you have and coming to explore them. and to share back with us.

By your sending out invitations to visit our Bear Caves unto your family members and friends..WE GROW

We grow because it is your visits to the Bear's Caves that give us the GROWING PAINS.

Good growing pains  they are indeed..Good because your involvement is precious. And, your interactivity with the Bear's Caves is that which shall continue them onward.

How?  Yes, how can we thank you?

 Please keep sending your ideas and suggestions.
Please share your best stories and of course your favorite recipes to exchange. And, Your response to the  BEAR CAVES is the deepest of all.

WHY?  We continue on the "why"...
Because it seems the best thing to do..A doorway.
A sharing with attached care has come upon us all. Your the special key!
The "why" : Simple...It was the right time!
WE LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH...............Pabear48



Faith is simple...Just Believe
Wisdom is easy..Just Accept
Hope arrives.......Just Look
Love is Real.........Just Feel



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