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Everyday as the World changes:
We each also change!
Sometimes the changes cannot be seen or felt,
but nonetheless have occurred within and shine out.
Change is a human growing process!
May you discover your changes..........Amen


Life is like a Carnival ride:
Everyone has ups and downs.
Some are fun and exciting, and others bring fears.
Learning to reject the fear is the key of Wisdom!
Find it and all fears disappear forevermore......Amen

We use large text for the Vision impaired.

Annlee is also vision impaired.

We are not shouting! Thank you...Annlee




Make believe can be rewarding to the mind:
As long as you hold the perspective it is not real.
Far to many allow make believe to pattern their mind.
From games to comics, and movies to television:
They allow the make believe to enter and grow:
Better is a wise choice listening for a voice!





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